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Even those Zambians who were conned into believing that Hakainde Hichilema was a credible leader can no longer ignore the growing realisation that he is simply a political fraud made easily acceptable by the general loathing of the Patriotic Front ( PF) at the time of elections in 2021.

In the light of recent political developments, there are very few Zambians still believing that he inspires hope for the country. He is already a FAILED leader, and he knows it himself which is why he has become increasingly despotic. The greatest danger Zambia faces is that he could refuse to give up power after losing elections in 2026.

Hakainde Hichilema has turned out to be a shameless liar. He lies literally on any matter he chooses to address, including debt restructuring, whose supposed benefits he painted in such exaggerated glorious terms as to insight further misplaced higher expectations among Zambians.

But President Hichilema has shown himself to be at his most wicked by his use of the Zambia Police this week to summon Father Chewe Mukosa over a sermon on Good Friday, in which he simply mentioned loadshedding, the high cost of living and the growing lying culture among Zambian politicians.

To show just how wicked President Hichilema is, the Priest summoned by Police, Father Mukosa, is the same one who defended him when, as Presidential candidate, the Police tried to block him from attending a service at the same church, St Joseph of Cupertino Catholic in Ndola.

Today, the same Father Mukosa has become a criminal for speaking about people’s suffering because Hichilema in government should now be above criticism.

The extent of Hichilema’s wickedness boggles the mind when you consider the fact that it was the Catholic Church that spoke up for him when the PF government detained him as an opposition leader.

His own hypocritical Seventh Day Adventist ( SDA) Church in Zambia did not raise its voice publicly because it does not involve itself in politics!. But we know that secretly they were mobilising money and campaigning to make him President during the five times that he failed. It was only after the Catholic Church and others helped him that he won by landslide. It seems lying is an SDA culture, which is why many pretend not to eat pork but do so privately. We eat and socialise with many of them ( Na moba bakumwa).

In this instance, Hichilema’s ignoble standard has fallen even below the PF government’s, which did not pounce on Bishop Joe Imakando of Bread of Life International, who gave a clearly anti government ( PF) Sermon just prior to the 2021 elections.

Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba and his officers could not have summoned the priest without instructions from high up in government and the president’s knowledge. People have asked for the removal of Musamba before, but President Hichilema has instead said he wished he had appointed this Police Fossil even earlier.

His supporters have been quick to criticise Musamba’s conduct in this case and tried to distance President Hichilema from it. But President Hichilema is as responsible for summoning Father Mukosa as then President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was responsible for cadreism under the PF government. Even if, after this initial criticism the Call Out to Father Mukosa has been rescinded, the damage has already been done.

Then there is the case of the United Kwacha Alliance ( UKA) being denied a permit to hold a rally in Kafue. It seems that President Hichilema has determined that he can get away with this violation of people’s rights, regardless of continued protests from opposition parties after each denial of such permit.

The opposition has brought this to the attention of local donor community, but clearly, there is need to engage a higher gear. The Police are aware of the 1993 Christine Mulundika versus the Attorney General case in which the Supreme Court ruled that political parties do not need a permit to hold rallies but should simply notify the Police.

So, the question is why are political parties obeying the Police instead of following the Supreme Court landmark judgement? There comes a time, as Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress ( ANC) of South Africa determined, that after citizens have tried everything within the boundaries of the law to secure their rights and failed, they are within their rights to disobey an unjust law.

President Hichilema’s determination to support the police in violating the rights of citizens to assemble, now needs to be matched by a concerted push towards unity among the opposition parties so that they can mount a more spirited fight to root out this growing cancer of shrinking political( and preaching) space in Zambia.

President Hichilema is unmatched in his display of arrogance and the delusion that he is the most intelligent Zambian. This time he has said publicly that Zambian Judges can not comprehend criminal cases of a financial nature because they do not understand audit trails.

Chief Justice Mumba Malila must now realise the Monster he has unleashed to swallow the judiciary right under his watch. Chief Justice Malila facilitated President Hichilema’s take over of the judiciary and priming it to annihilate what is left of the Patriotic Front as a party, and the impoverishing of its members and supporters through the hastily set up Financial Crimes court. This has resulted, not in justice, but confiscation of property and funds from citizens without the rigour of proving funds were stolen. It is not just delayed, but also Justice rushed that is justice denied.

Before he died, First President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda said the only person who would not make a good leader for Zambia was ” This boy Hakainde Hichilema “, because he would bring tribal division and destroy Zambia.

People dismissed his comments as those of a benign but senile old man. In August 2021, they went out and voted for Hakainde Hichilema enmasse.

Dr. Kaunda’s prophecy is coming to pass before our very eyes. Hakainde Hichilema has exploded onto the scene as the most tribal consistent liar, boastful, narcissistic Uncle Tom and a Hypocrite. He is running the most opaque government system to mask the fact that most major high value government projects carry his secret personal interests imbedded through foreign proxies.

His divisive machinations have been exhibited through a failed PF takeover using Miles Sampa, the use of moles such as Leslie Mbula to defang critical civil society voices such as Our Civic Duty Association ( OCIDA) under the Chairmanship of Archbishop Emeritus Telesphore Mpundu. He has extended his divisive activities to Eastern Province among the Chiefs and also between Muchinga and Northern Province politicians. This is why he has deliberately picked Miles Sampa, Robert Chabinga, Davison Mung’andu and Morgan Ng’onga all from Muchinga Province and set them against the key PF leaders from Northern Province.

But his most damaging work has been the devastation of State institutions such as Parliament through temperamental UPND Cadre Nelly Mutti, Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ) through another Fossil UPND cadre Mwangala Zaloumis, Anti-Corruption and the Financial Intelligence Centre ( FIC) where he has installed stooges who see corruption only in past political leaders, and nothing in the current government.

For these reasons and many others, Zambians should find a way of stemming this destruction of the country by finding new leadership to spearhead the campaign to remove Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND from government. This campaign should begin now and not wait for 2026 because by then there could be nothing left of this country.

Zambia is at a crossroads.

Good Night.

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