It’s Red Card: Petition SADC & AU against HH for sponsoring politics of hate speech, tribal divisions, ethnic hostility, regionalism & bloodshed

It’s Red Card: Petition SADC & AU against HH for sponsoring politics of hate speech, tribal divisions, ethnic hostility, regionalism & bloodshed

By Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba

1. The shocking and terrifying revelations from Zambia’s Chief Government Spokesperson

On 12th February, 2024, Chief Government Spokesman, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa voluntarily revealed that HH and his UPND leadership carefully schemed to sabotage President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in 2020 by planting Dr. Chishimba Kambwili in PF to steer politics of ethnic hatred and tribal conflicts. According to Mwetwa, UPND put CK back into PF in order to mainly promote politics of ethnic hate speeches, tribalism and regionalism so that most Zambian voters rise up against ECL and his government and consequently vote them out of power in 2021.

What Mr. Mweetwa voluntarily announced means that a Tonga UPND President in HH, a Tonga UPND spokesperson in Cornelius Mweetwa himself, a Tonga UPND chairman for elections in Garry Nkhombo, and Tonga dominated party in UPND itself schemed to plant and sponsor a heavyweight Bemba politician in Chishimba Kambwili to ethnically provoke, tribally insult and verbally attack Tonga speaking people in order to anger voters against Lungu and the ruling PF then. Watch the video attached👇🏽.

2. Stakeholders must petition SADC, AU and Commonwealth to investigate HH and UPND for more political atrocities committed before 2021 elections

With the revelations of UPND planting and sponsoring Kambwili to promote nationwide politics of hate speeches, divisive regionalism, tribal hostility and political ethnic hatred in order to sabotage ECL and remove PF from power in 2021, Zambians must now ask more critical questions and demand for more political answers from this Chief Government Spokesperson. Clearly, there are more political atrocities UPND committed before the August 2021 elections that have been swept under the carpet by this government and need to be uncovered. Yes, UPND won power at the expense of dividing the nation.

Therefore, there is urgent need for stakeholders to petition SADC, AU and Commonwealth to send an independent inquiry team of experts to assess the scope, nature, forms and methods of other heinous crimes HH and UPND schemed and committed behind their dark cultic curtains in order to win power in 2021. This is important if Zambians desire to know more about such atrocities and prevent future political crimes of this nature and magnitude by UPND officials or any other political player.

3. Mweetwa’s revelations raise more questions about UPND’s secret schemes and political atrocities before 2021 elections aimed at sabotaging ECL

Now, there are certainly more questions for Cornelius Mwetwa and HH to answer on such matters. How do they deny the accusations and conclusion that UPND was behind the burning of markets, Zesco installations, courts and some public infrastructure around 2017 in order to sabotage, undermine, decampaign ECL and remove the PF government? There is a direct link between what Mr. Mwetwa on sponsoring hate speeches and countrywide arson incidents of 2017.

How does the UPND now rescue itself from the killing of Nsama Nsama near cabinet office when HH was appearing before a team of investigators at Police Force Headquarters in relation to what Mr. Mweetwa revealed? Given that UPND cadres were on the scene of the gun shot, how do we now isolate them from this political murders after this self confession of sabotaging ECL and PF to lose power? And why is the accused police officer still facing court trial today after more than three years without any meaningful progress? Let Mr. Mweetwa reveal the truth on all such political issues.

On 12th August 2021, the day HH was voted into power by Zambians, a mob of known UPND cadres openly stoned, brutally strangled and violently murdered Mr. Jackson Kungo, PF North Western Provincial Chairperson at a polling station in Solwezi. Why is it that President HH has never acknowledged this political murder by his known members? What else must and should Zambians know about this death in relations with Mweetwa’s confessions? Who schemed and sponsored the murder of Jackson Kungo in UPND? Why has UPND muted such an important political murder especially that it happened on the day HH was being voted into State House?

As we speak, Zambians want to know more revelations from the Chief government spokesperson on the relationship between the UPND in opposition then and seemingly coordinated gassing incidences of 2019 and 2020. Out of political witch hunt and vengeance, I was one of those from ECL’s side they maliciously targeted and falsely accused of such crimes until l was completely acquitted by the High Court of Zambia. Thank God for Mr. Mweetwa for voluntarily starting to reveal the truth on such coordinated political criminalities before August 2021.

Overall, it seems UPND as a party schemed and sponsored many dirty and dangerous projects designed to undermine, sabotage and remove ECL from power by hook or crook before presidential elections in 2021. Zambians are waiting for Mr. Mweetwa reveal more because once Zambians know the truth, the truth will set them politically free.

4. Why must Zambians be more worried with Mweetwa’s voluntary revelations?

UN records everywhere show that racial extermination, genocide, crimes of war, ethnic cleansing, apartheid or terrorism all powerful political schemers and sponsors-for Zambia, it is our ruling party, HH’s UPND according to Mr. Cornelius Mweetwa. Even the wars we see in Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Palestine or civil war in Sudan, there are known and unknown planners and funders who are making things happen and move on course.

It is politicians like Cornelius Mwetwa, HH, Gary Nkombo, Mutale Nalumango, Levy Ngoma, Jack Mwiimbu, William Banda, Gilbert Liswaniso, etc who were directly responsible for atrocities of ethnic cleansing in the Armenian massacre by the Turks in 1915–16, the extermination of 6 million European Jews by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi in the 1930/40, gruesome Rwandan genocide in 1990s, Kenyan post elections tribal murders in 2007, ongoing ethnic killings in South Sudan, Burma, Sudan or Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Yemen. Based on what Mwetwa revealed, Zambians must be more worried with HH and his UPND leaders for such political possibilities.

5. The approval process before chief government spokesperson issues any official statement to the media

There is nothing Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa does before, during and after every press briefing as Chief Government Spokesman without the full knowledge and approval of his appointing authority, President Hakainde Hichilema ( HH) himself. The president physically scrutinizes, defines, edits, changes, determines and blesses everything Mr. Mweetwa presents to Zambians via press briefings or media conferences.

Many times if not always, it is the president who identifies issues, prescribes them and merely directs the chief government spokesperson to engage the media and address the nation on his behalf. Once the President has defines or endorsed what he or she must present to the nation on his behalf, the Chief government spokesperson takes off to set the date, time, venue and invites the media for actual execution. Therefore, yesterday’s press briefing by Mr. Mweetwa was designed and approved by HH’s himself: it was HH’s message through Cornelius Mweetwa. Thus, the revelations at hand remain HH’s message and confessions through his spokesman.

6. Mweetwa’s confessions confirms KK’s warning against HH and UPND before 2021

Before 2021 presidential elections and later his death in the same year, Zambia’s Founding Father and First President-Dr Kenneth Kaunda (KK) warned that he was not afraid of anyone to become republican president of this country except for Hakainde Hichilema (HH);

At that time, most Zambian voters just like many of us didn’t not know why KK vehemently cautioned and categorically feared only HH to be that specific politician who could destroy his “One Zambia, One Nation “ foundation if he became our ruler. Following yesterday’s confessions by HH’s Chief government spokesman, we now know and understand why KK objected and rejected HH to lead Zambia.

KK was aware that, in 2006 when Anderson Mazoka died, UPND officially introduced tribal politics when they formed “Cuundu Chaitwa” with a slogan of ‘only a Tonga can succeed a Tonga’. This movement was led by Ackson Sekani and HH was happily elected that successor Tonga leader. And today, we have a “ Cuundu Chaitwa” product in HH as our Republican President. This is what Mweetwa was merely confirming: it is this tribalism HH tutored Kambwili to popularize and divide tribes as well as regions.

On 18th July, Dr. Elias Munshya, a Canadian based UPND supporter then who is now Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia published an article entitled “Cuundu Chaitwa: Leveraging the power of regional politics in Zambia” with reference to UPND’s “Cuundu Chaitwa” and HH. Therefore, Mweetwa’s confessions have such empirical evidence in UPND and about HH-he was born from tribal politics, he is a beneficiary of tribal politics and tribal politics is what HH and UPND know better.

7. HH, Mweetwa and everyone involved must be red carded

Whenever people pray, there is a God to answer their prayers. So far, so good for Zambia because God’s power, grace and faithfulness is manifesting everywhere by exposing the evils, wickedness, dark world, hypocrisy and corruption of HH’s government every day, week and month. In the Bible, even donkeys spoke by God’s power. Today, Cornelius Mweetwa is voluntarily revealing secret evil schemes and dark cultic practices of the UPND to Zambians in the same manner.

As we speak, HH, Mutale Nalumango, Cornelius Mwetwa, Garry Nkombo, Batuke Imenda, Getrude Imenda, Gilbert Liswaniso, William Banda, Lewi Ng’oma, etc are all guilty of the crime of promoting hate speech, divisive tribalism and ethnic violence Dr. Chishimba Kambwili was charged and sentenced for. Since they schemed and sponsored Chishimba Kambwili to promote hate speech, ethnic tensions and regional divisions, these top UPND leaders must be red carded by citizens because they are supposed to be in prison with CK.

Worldwide, HH and his UPND’s politics of secretly promoting and sponsoring ethnic hate speech, tribalism, nepotism and regionalism have birthed genocide, crimes of war, ethnic cleansing, racial discrimination, apartheid and civil unrests in many parts of Africa and the world. If Zambians allow HH and his UPND government to run free on this today, the future will judge them and judge them harshly.

Today, Zambia sits in trapped hot political waters in terms of the above heinous crimes ingredients of political bloodshed because the sitting president and his ruling party-UPND have been exposed of having been behind such political sins, inhuman atrocities and many evils we witnessed before and during 2021 presidential elections. If Zambians fail to red card HH and his team today through parliament for known reasons, citizens must prepare to politically varnish and legally banish Bally from power in 2026 via a Russia ballot vote.

Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021. By philosophical approach, Dr. Zimba is a Pan Africanist as well as Afro-Christian by religion.

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