In my opinion, what’s killing a lot of you is jealousy and misplaced anger issues you have within yourself. When I look at all the reasons why you are dragging this woman, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

1) you say she insults parents. My question is what did you say to her that made her respond to you in that manner? I want you to send me a picture of where she just insulted you or your parents out of nowhere. Be honest with yourself, you go to this woman’s page and comment nonsense 24/7, when you have personal issues frustrating you, you log in, go to her page and type nonsense. How much can a person take nangu ni maturity? All those claiming she insulted them it’s because you started first! You push someone to the wall then make a case of how she responded? You’re not going to add that “I insulted her first”? . Why do you also follow her if she is the thing you claim she is? Answer me, what are you still doing on her page?????

2)I believe this whole issue started from the time a video of her drinking with her friends was uploaded. My question, if the man who married her, the head of the house is okay with it? Why does it bother you? I believe every woman knows the kind of man she is married to, his likes and dislikes. She can go out and have fun because HE approves. Maybe the only thing I can advise is to put away phones when she’s out with friends because she’s in the public eye and the greater majority of people “deliberately” misinterpret what’s going on. Yes “deliberately” because deep down you all know she was just having fun with friends but y’all chose to make a big deal out of it because of Facebook likes.

3) Get over it. A man can’t be stolen. We’ve all been left by a man before and yes it hurts and that is why most women hate her, they like to project the hurt and betrayal they’ve been through on her because he DECIDED to marry her. Men are not complicated, they go where they want to be. The best you can do as well is to pick yourself up and go where you want to be too. Please move on.

4) if you are one of the people who made fun of a child. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Most of you are even parents. Others have little nieces and nephews yet you are here shaming a child who can’t even defend herself. Shame on you .

Zambians have their own definitions of “Humility” they want to control how you should dress, how you should walk, how you should raise your child, how to run your home etc, when you choose to do your own thing , then you’ll hear ati you have pride. As far as I’m concerned this woman is beautiful and has a beautiful little family. She ain’t perfect and non of us are.

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Credit: Veldrine Kapesha

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