After their press conference today PF posted this review in which they have vowed to ensure UPND and Hakainde Hichilema goes in 2026.

Greetings Countrymen. The PF has concluded the Press Conference. Congrats to the PF Party and SG Hon NAKACHINDA for articulating issues very well. Firstly I wish to commend the PF Youths for holding Peace & for being Steadfast & Tolerant – Under Very Difficult violent Conditions inposed by the UPND. Zambians have realized the *Mistake* they did. To vote in UPND & Sammy HH in 2021. Whilst time has been lost. We can make amends in 2026 by removing them from POWER. This must be non negotiable. We have seen how the Civil Service with all its extensions have had UPND Die Hard Functionaries appointed to run them.

To purge all qualified deemed undesirable and replace them with dunderheads. No wonder Service delivery is very POOR and u coordinated. All Sectors of Public Life has been AFFECTED. Napsa & NHIMA have been compromised with daily contradictions.

This Govt has failed to run Zambia. Its too big for them to see beyond their *REGIONAL* Politics. The KCM fiasco is a case also in point. PF left a running Mine. UPND deals with VEDANTA – that supplied them with Mahindra Vehicles in 2021 Elections has backfired. Thousands of KCM Workers are not working since September 2023.

Only those employees dealing with Critical Services like pumping out water working TO PREVENT MINE SHAFTS FLOODING. More than 2000 contract Labour *dismissed* .

The illegal Miners the UPND encouraged to continue Mining as their officials get bribes from them – Our Poor Miners – *these Miners have continued dying Week in week Out.* Those Buried At Sensele Mine in Chingola are still not excavated ( shocking even the President went & held a Rally at the Very Death Site in Chingola last Year instead of doubling efforts to recover the bodies). Its Quite now, buried Miners Forgotten – How Sad. MOPANI Mine Saga is crowded in mystery and illegalities.. *We under One Zambia Two Nations* . Even UPND ministers complaining that HH makes personal secretive decisions on National critical Emergency issues, minus consulting them. *The Kwacha is running away – depressed against the Dollar. Given a knockout punch.* This is due to this Govt being Clueless.

They exported all the strategic Maize stock for Kickbacks and damaged Our Food Secure Situation. Now they have to import the same Maize at a huge cost ( *What do u expect having Mtolo as a Minister* ). UPND has blown the local dept to huge figures and borrowed heavily without *nothing to show for apart from those incomplete Federation Era Toilets in Kwacha – Kitwe which even Colonial Welensky could have fainted after seeing them in this Era.* Zambians the Special Purpose Vehicle is *UKA* to help Liberate Zambia and Rebuild Zambia. Go to shops and see the prices of Goods and SERVICES. Its a scandal unless u cant reason. *Nothing Global here* . Its Failed Leadership. *UPND of Mazoka Vision is no longer that Vision* UPND under HH. Now I accept what Father Bwalya Classified or Deemed HH…. U know what Father Bwalya said. The POWER to change Govt lies with us Zambians. Dont expect Fuel and the ECONOMY to come down under this regime! *Its like expecting a Dog to grow Horns.* All they champion is *arrest Opposition Leaders on trumped up charges and making them be found at court Week In Week Out*. The UPND Puting up screaming Headlines Attacking Opposition. *Coming up with Stupid Rogue Media* . Zambians can see thru this uselessness and wont buy it. *Instead of finding solution to Energy Crisis* , they busy interfering with PF & UKA.

*Zambians Wake Up. UKAni. KWACHA!*. Thomas Zulu. Former Mayor. Former VP – LGAZ. Former Diplomat. Civil & Human Rights Activist

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