I’m in pains” Popular influencer Ifeoluwa Adegoke cries out after a mechanic crashed her car

I’m in pains” Popular influencer Ifeoluwa Adegoke cries out after a mechanic crashed her car

A popular Nigerian influencer Ifeoluwa Adegoke, popularly known as Ife took to Instagram to share the gloomy news of her car being wrecked by a mechanic. According to the story which she narrated in the video, the mechanic had picked up her car in order to fix it due to a minor issue. However, he failed to return the car to her on time, staying that it wasn’t fixed yet, and he would give her the car this Sunday morning.

Ife said in her video that she got a call this morning, that her car was involved in an accident. Apparently, the mechanic had fixed the car, but decided to take car on a road cruise, and it ended badly for him. From the video, you can see the extensive damage done to the car, and it looks broken beyond repair, with the bumper completely caved out. The entire windshield was also broken, and the door on the passenger’s seat was also completely caved in. This brings to mind the question of how the mechanic managed to survive in such a wreck. From the video, there are no visible marks on him that indicate that he was hurt in the process, and it looks like a miracle because he came out unscathed.

Also, you can hear how upset Ife was while making the video from the tone of her voice. Regardless of that fact, she still remained calmed, even though she just lost a car worth millions of naira. Ife’s story is really sad because she had just gotten the a new car on the 6th of February, and celebrated on Instagram for her latest achievement. In less than a week, she lost the car due to the negligence of a mechanic.

It isn’t clear as to the reason why the mechanic decided that it was okay to take a multimillion naira car on a road cruise, there was no mention as to whether he was on his way to return the car. Because, coincidentally, he had mentioned that the car would be ready by Sunday morning, and that was around the same time that Ife got the car.

No mention was made with regards to remedying the situation, and it is hardly unlikely that the mechanic will be able to buy a brand new car for Ife, or even fix it because, the car looks damaged beyond repair.

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