I want to go back home to my children at the farm – Jay Banda

I want to go back home to my children at the farm – Jay Banda

THE Human Rights Commission (HRC) is calling on authorities to expedite investigations into the abduction of Petauke Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda, who expressed a strong desire to reunite with his family at home.

Banda was admitted to Maina Soko Military Hospital after he was found within two days of being reported as missing.

Following complaints that Banda’s family members were denied access to him at Maina Soko Military Hospital, the HRC visited the hospital today to assess the situation.

Concerns were raised as any patient, especially those in custody, had the right to be visited and communicate with family members and legal representatives, stated the HRC.

In a statement issued by HRC spokesperson, Mweelwa Muleya, officials and medical personnel at the hospital clarified that Banda’s family members were never barred from visiting.

“From the time of his admission, all his wives, sisters, and other relatives were allowed to see him,” disclosed the medics to the HRC.

During the visit, the HRC interacted with Banda, who confirmed that his family had been allowed to visit him throughout his hospitalisation.

“He was accompanied by his three wives at his bedside.” Muleya revealed.

Banda recounted his abduction ordeal, detailing how he was tortured, particularly under his feet. Although the pain was subsiding, he expressed his eagerness to be reunited with his children, preferably at their farm.

The HRC has urged the police to expedite their investigation into Banda’s abduction, stressing the importance of working closely with medical officers and his family to ensure his prompt discharge, which is crucial for his psychological recovery.

“There is an urgent need for thorough investigations to bring the perpetrators to justice and end the impunity associated with this dreadful criminal act,” added Muleya.

The Commission also called for improved communication between the State, Banda’s family, and the public to ensure that the measures being taken are understood and appreciated…https://kalemba.news/…/i-want-to-go-back-home-to-my…/

By Moses Makwaya


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