I understand those that don’t find me funny – Ken Dumbo

I understand those that don’t find me funny – Ken Dumbo

I GENUINELY understand those that don’t find me funny, maybe sometimes my jokes are not as big as their problems, remarks Ken Dumbo.

In a society where everyone is going through some issues, it’s definitely not an easy task to make someone laugh. He is a dry comedian, they say, but well comedy is subjective, and some people do find his “dry jokes” funny.

This is why he brags about commanding almost a million followers on Facebook.

To those that may not know, Ken Dumbo, born in 1991, is a qualified Journalist who decided to commercialise comedy in 2018 after he failed to secure a job after college.

Despite the negative feedback from those that may not like his jokes, Ken Dumbo, whose real name is Kazungo Emmanuel Ndeya, has managed to send his younger siblings to school through his comedy.

Comedians have feelings too. And although he usually jokes about it in his videos, being called a dry comedian does…

Credit: News Diggers

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