I outwitted the Police- Edgar Lungu Brags

Former Zambian president Edgar Lungu has claimed that the Zambia Police officers and “junkie” cadres of the United Party for National Development (UPND) were deployed to beat him up in Kanyama yesterday, where they thought he would attend a church service.

Speaking at a purported prayer service, which turned out to be a political gathering of the United Kwacha Alliance, which he is a part of, Lungu boasted to a cheering crowd that being the snake that he was, he ended up at Dunamis Miracles Church in Lusaka instead of the United Church of Zambia congregation in Kanyama where he’d been invited in February.

Lungu, who boasted that he was both a serpent and a dove, wondered how those in government today could call him a joker after he’d been president of the country for 7 years. He derided them for thinking that he could come from Chawama in 2011 to State House in 2015 if he was a joker.

“They think I don’t do any planning at all?” he wondered.

Lungu, clearly enjoying the crowd’s attention and encouragement, claimed that he had been informed that the police had mobilized in Kanyama alongside junkie UPND cadres with instructions to waylay and beat him up on his way from the church service.

He added that the government’s plan was to have then sent in reinforcements with teargas and pretend to be restoring law and order, but he had outwitted them.

He went on to say that he had given them [government] verbal diarrhea and that they would not sleep tonight but would be holding press conferences about him.

Lungu further told the crowd that the time, the hour, for change had come and that when the time came, nobody could do anything about it.
Using an allegory of a pregnancy, Lungu said it was possible to get “a full-term birth before 9 months” and that while other people were talking of 2026, the baby could be delivered sooner than 2026.

He also gloated that he was not afraid of being arrested by President Hichilema because he was just a man like him and that he didn’t need the police’s permission to move around the country. He said that should he ever be touched or arrested, he would fight because he was fond of fighting and had a lot of people around him to fight with him, including lawyers to provide legal services.

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