I AM NOT USING ECL FOR NUMBERS… and I don’t believe he is using me, we are doing something of higher value together – KALABA


… and I don’t believe he is using me, we are doing something of higher value together.


CITIZENS First President Harry Kalaba says he is not using former Republican President Edgar Lungu to obtain more numbers to himself.

Speaking during a live interview on Diamond TV yesterday, Mr. Kalaba said he does not also believe that the former head of State is using him to return back into power.

He said the two are doing something that is of higher value and for the benefit of Zambians.

” I am not using former President Edgar Lungu for numbers and I don’t believe he is also using me, we are doing something of higher value together, we are doing it for Zambians. If President Lungu has influence to bring people on board so that we push our agend as the United Kwacha Alliance, why not work with him, ” Mr. Kalaba said.

And Mr. Kalaba said the Patriotic Front internal wrangles needs to he sorted out soon so that the former ruling party is put to order.

He said a divided PF might not give the intended results that are needed in the 2026 general elections.

” What is going on in PF are internal matters, we have our own matters as Citizens First as well and UKA remains an independent entity, so you can’t say we are dealing with the part of PF that is illegitimate, what we need is PF to be put to order because a strong PF will bring all the 1.8 million people that voted for them in 2021 on board and UKA will have the influence that is needed,” Mr. Kalaba said.

” … a divided PF might not give the desired results that we need, even if their house is put to order, I am confident that they understand the times that we are in, they understand the value of UKA and President Lungu himself has high regard for UKA,therefore, I am convinced that nothing changes and I want PF to be well in their endeavors and the earlier the people that have scattered converge together, the better,” the CF leader said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kalaba adds that the Citizens First is working very hard to bring value to UKA.

” It will not amount to anything if I just bring myself without people to UKA, we need to bring people to UKA so that value addition is realised,” Mr. Kalaba said.

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