Hon. Munir Zulu: Madam Speaker, why are the ministers and members of parliament from Barotseland remaining silent?

Hon. Munir Zulu: Madam Speaker, why are the ministers and members of parliament from Barotseland remaining silent? Why, Speaker Madam. Madam Speaker, this is an urgent situation. Could you please ask the Vice President to respond?

Madam Speaker, this is a contentious topic. Barotseland activists ordered visiting ministers and MPs to show their passports upon their arrival at BRE Kuta, threatening to have them driven out or treated as illegal aliens.

Madam Speaker, your ministers and members of parliament were nearly as badly beaten as a burglar who has been discovered stealing a simple chicken. Madam Speaker, I witnessed the term “foreigner” being used against you as well.

Time came for the Vice President to answer to Hon. Munir Zulu’s question.

Madam Speaker: I’m grateful. (The Vice President was observed turning around and tensing up as she considered the responses. She almost exited the room.)

The Speaker addressed the national assembly instead of Madam Vice President, saying, “Hon..Hon… the Government is using diplomacy to handle the matter..as you rightly put it, YES, Zambia is a unitary state.” The issue, Hon. Zulu, is that you are adhering to rumours on social media.Speaking in jest, the speaker laughed. The Vice President was seen grinning and her heart was thumping with happiness as Madam Speaker spoke, having saved her from the question.

Under Munir Zulu’s questioning, MPs and Ministers from Barotseland were observed bowing their heads in silent prayer, resembling a drenched chicken or bisy.

The answer died and prevented by the speaker , but the question will remain troubling the speaker, MP, and Ministers. Shame will go a long way and their silent on the matter will soon disgrace them.

In life , we put meat in the question of Hon. Munir Zulu, it is good to have integrity and know what you stand for. You can be there nor there. It is either the MPs from Barotseland stand with the Litunga or they stand with President Hakainde Hichilema.

Hon. Munir’s question has not gone in vain ,but has put the MPs and Ministers from Barotseland in big situation.

They will not be trusted by either HH and the Lozi people.

The question for Hon. Munir was simple and the one who answered was a wrong person.

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