Today, His Excellency the President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema attended the Church – State Dialogue Prayer Breakfast at Pamodzi Hotel.

Below are the highlights:

✅ The President requested religious leaders to pray for the nation’s prosperity in all areas, including food security, as it is a matter of national security.

✅ He noted that as a result of climate change, agriculture and production of enough food for the nation has become more important than ever and that government cannot act alone, in this regard.

✅ He assured that government is dedicated to collaborating with religious leaders in addressing the obstacles the country has continued to encounter which ought to be to overcome.

✅ The President stressed that unity is essential, not optional and that it is the very minimum in both good and terrible times.

✅ He requested that people with power make good use of their influence adding that pronouncing “One Zambia, One Nation” is necessary for unity.

✅The President declared, “Let us use God-given leadership and opportunity to spread the unity message throughout Zambia’s ten provinces.”

✅ He stated that as seen in the international, SADC, and UN platforms, the government is dedicated to following in the footsteps of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the first Republican President of Zambia. This will strengthen democracy and promote unity in diversity.

✅ On Cholera, the President said despite losing almost 600 citizens to the pandemic, Government is appreciative of the support it continues to receive from the church, the international community, and other segments of society in the fight against cholera.

✅ He said although the country should be generating vaccines, Government applauds the World Health Organization (WHO) for developing the cholera vaccine.

✅ The President requested the church to keep preaching about how important it is for citizens to change their mindsets in as far as hygiene is concerned.

✅ On the dry spell being experienced in some parts of the country, the President noted with concern that the rain has not arrived at a crucial moment when crops, maize in particular, require the moisture the most and requested the Church and Zambian citizens to pray for the rains.

✅He assured that Government will re-align its budget and push more resources into ensuring that the citizens do not go hungry.

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