HICHILEMA’S PURGING OF PUBLIC SERVICE…but Oliver Kalabo says they only have 48 alleged persons and not 400 persons on holding positions at PSMD


…but Oliver Kalabo says they only have 48 alleged persons and not 400 persons on holding positions at PSMD…


Following recent articles that demonstrates that President Hakainde Hichilema is actively purging the public service using tribal and regional criteria, here are some more details.

The case of ZNBC staffer, Brian Mwale, brought to light the discrimination being practiced against people from other regions.

Brian applied and was a successful candidate to take up the position at Zambia Environmental Agency( ZEMA). When senior people became aware of this development, he was fired before he could take up the job.

It has emerged that Acting Chairperson, Choolwe Beyani and Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Oliver Kalabo were at the heart of facilitating the purge.

Over 400 experienced and longtime civil servants have been removed from their positions, retired in national interest, or parked at Public Service Management Division (PSMD).

But Dr. Kalabo claims that those stationed at PSMD remain at home “awaiting deployment” are only 48 individuals.

It has also emerged that Beyani has been persuading some to top officials to consider early retirement in order to create space for new replacements to be placed on the payroll and to help circumvent the new retirement policy of 55-60 years.

Below are some more officers that have been removed.

1. Dr. Ruth Mulenga, Principal Planner at Ministry of Information and Media.

2. Mr. Yona Sinkala, Principal Epidemiologist
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

3. Dr. Chibwe Kaoma, Chief Livestock Products Officer at Ministry of Livestock and Fosheries.

4. Dr. Chuma Simukonda contract terminated when he refused to accede to illegal cancelation of hunting concession licences.

5. Patrick Chabuka, Procurement Officer at Ministry of Health.

6. Margaret Kampanda, Director in charge of Administration at the Ministry of Local Government

7. Ignatius Makumba, Director of Forestry in the Ministry of Lands, and Natural Resources.(Makumba was removed after false allegations that he connived with two businessmen to trade in Mukula).

8. Ministry of Tourism advertised the position held by Andrew Mwape as Director of National Park and Wildlife. Andrew holds a Bachelor of technology in Nature Conservation from Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Management Collage of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and a Diploma in Protected Area Management from the Southern African Wildlife College in South Africa. He is currently studying for a Master in Business Administration at MANCOSA. He decided to resign.

9. Mrs. Lillian Lufupa Chitotela, spouse to Pambashe MP, was sent to the PSMD after she was removed from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, where she was serving as Assistant Director. Acting Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Lous Mulube directed that Mrs. Chitotela leaves her office with immediate effect.

Similar fate has met individuals working for many years at state-owned enterprises such as ZESCO, IDC, Zambia Revenue Authority, ZICTA and in structures in Local Government.

The senior persons have been removed on the allegations that they were members of the Patriotic Front and were replaced by persons from the Zambezi Region and some UPND cadres.

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