I will never forget how General Yuyi beat the hell out of me at Force headquarters. I was made to lay down in a police van with two police officers (C5) stepping on me like a dead log.

We drove into Sikanze police camp probably with the view of them taking me into the command center where they could have tortured me more. A lot of people have been tortured there, I suspect JJ BANDA could have been taken there as well.

By God’s grace that mission failed and the officers where given other instructions to go and detain me in Chilanga.

I was still laying like a bag of charcoal, with my head pressed down, so that I am neither seen or see anything myself, on the back of that van with police still stepping on me for a distance of about 25 Km.

I have other similar incidences which would make me a bitter and vengeful person, but because of my strong Christian faith, I am able to forgive, though I can’t forget.

However, in spite of all that we have gone through, we should be able to forgive and move on.

We should reach a point where we look at each other as brothers and sisters, forgive and move on, we are all Zambians, that’s the attitude I want to have when I will be in Govt with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

I don’t want to be part of a Govt that will be focused of persecuting people because they treated us bad, #No, this business of sorting out each other must end with the UPND Govt.

Under UKA, the focus should be developing the Nation, creating jobs not by making others jobless. There should be no more purging of workers in Govt institutions for us to employ our supporters.

Those who are employed, should remain employed unless they fall off according to their terms of conditions.

Those on suspension, or forced leave, should get back their jobs. People must have relief.

General Yuyi should never lose his job because he slapped me, if anything, that has a lot of energy and experience, we should just use him properly to crackdown criminality.

I have special respect of Mukale, the assistant to Yuyi, that man is wise, sober, a very dedicated police officer. He should not lose a job because served under HH and he is Tonga.

President Hichilema himself, must be respected and protected as former President. I will personally ensure that President Hichilema enjoys his life without being victimized.

Yes, I have suffered a lot under BaHakainde, especially separating my family, it really hurts me, but I will not make anyone pay for it.

After all, when you get into power, why continue fighting, forget all that, concentrate on making the lives of Zambians better.


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