HH must lead search for JJ Banda—Emmanuel Mwamba

HH must lead search for JJ Banda—Emmanuel Mwamba

26.05.24 Smart Eagles

President Hakaindie Hichilema must personally a lead effort to search and bring back home alive hon. Jay E Banda the missing lawmaker from Petauke says Emmanuel Mwamba, the spokesperson of the Patriotic Front.

“President Hichilema himself must take a personal interest in searching and finding JJ Banda,” said Ambassador Mwamba, “Mr Hichilema must lead in this search to establish who committed this grievous heinous crime of suspected abduction.”

The former Ambassador also called on all churches to “keep JJ and family in prayers during this trying time and we also appeal to all Zambians to rally behind calls for the safe return of hon. JJ back home safely.”

So far, President Hichilema has shown lack of seriousness on the matter according to Mr. Mwamba given the fact that hon. Banda is a serving MP.

Mr. Mwamba warned Zambians that the ´danger of staying quite during time of abuses is it only perpetuates abuses…speak out in anyway you can to bring JJ back home because next time it could be you. It might not stop here.”

Above all Mr Mwamba said the only way President Hichilema can show leadership is by publicly taking control for the search and finding hon. Banda.

He also disclosed that police in Ibex arrested 11 people during the tear gas shot out that occurred yesterday injuring many as shots were also fired at those awaiting answers regarding Banda´s unusual disappearance.

The office of the President has not responded the PF spokesman´s request for Mr Hichilema to show personal interest in the missing legislator.

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