In times of drought like this one, the resilience of our communities is tested. And as dedicated public servants, we in the New Dawn government recognize the challenges posed by this natural phenomenon and we are committed to effective management strategies.

That is why President Hakainde Hichilema declared the current drought a national disaster and emergency. And following that declaration, we have hit the ground running to mitigate the challenge so as to lessen the impacts on our people.

And in that regard, today we held a fruitful meeting with commercial farmers from Central and Southern Provinces led Farmer’s Union representatives. My counterpart in the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Hon Mike Mposha was on hand to cement the seriousness with which this government attaches to addressing the severe impacts of this drought.

During the meeting, we deliberated on winter maize cultivation, water harvesting and energy transition among other things. We agreed with our farmers that this is an emergency and we must respond with action and speed.

Our farmers are on board and they have pledged to support the efforts of government during this period. Investment into winter maize planting will begin as soon as possible. We are very excited that our farmers have responded positively to the Presidential pronouncement on water harvesting hence the construction of dams will soon commerce.

As government, we will not entertain any rigidities during this period. All government institutions must respond with a sense of urgency to matters relating to food security and water harvesting.

We grateful to our farmers for swiftly responding to this national disaster. As government we create the necessary environment such as waiving tax on irrigation and solar equipment during this period.

Together, we as a country can navigate through these dry times and emerge stronger, prosperous and more resilient than ever before because God is with us, and nothing is impossible.

Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu, MP
Minister of Green Economy and Environment

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