GAY MEN KILLED ME: Judge hears alleged last words from Lusaka youth

GAY MEN KILLED ME: Judge hears alleged last words from Lusaka youth

A judge has heard that while on his hospital bed before his death, the Lusaka youth who died of burns last May told his relative that he was burnt by a group of gay men.

Nicholas Kangashi testified that his late cousin, Samson Ndhlovu, 25, informed him that a man named Albert knew the gay men in question.

Mr Kangashi, 27, said he recorded the conversation with the heavily bandaged Mr Ndhlovu, who was visibly in pain.

“He talked whilst breathing heavily saying ‘Albert knew the gays who did this to me’, I was still recording, he was in pain,” he said.
Five men are appearing in court in connection with the burning to death of Mr Ndhlovu in Lusaka’s Mapoloto.

The victim died of burn wounds at the hospital a few hours after the house in which he slept was set ablaze.

Mr Ndhlovu suffered serious burns and died few hours later at the University Teaching Hospitals.

The suspects in the death are: Raymond Mwale, 25, John Mambwe, 25, Pathias Phiri, 20, Frank Chisanga, 27, and Haggai Chola, 33.

The five are appearing before Lusaka High Court Judge Charles Kafunda charged with murder and two counts of arson involving property worth K130,435.

Remnants of Chama’s former house in Lusaka’s Mapoloto area.


Zambia Daily Mail

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