Faith Musonda faces pressure as the ACC pushes for forfeiture of her properties

Faith Musonda finds herself at the center of a significant development in the ongoing investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has taken a noteworthy step in its ongoing investigation into Ms Faith Musonda’s alleged possession of properties deemed to be proceeds of crime. Investigations Officer Ferguson Kombe has asserted that properties belonging to Musonda must be forfeited to the state, citing evidence gathered during the probe.

Kombe made these claims in an affidavit submitted to the court, opposing Musonda’s alleged filing of counterarguments on behalf of her co-interested parties, Sela Property Investment Limited and Life Television Limited. According to Kombe, investigations have revealed that Musonda acquired farm Number F-1504 in Chisamba from Sela Property Investment Limited using funds considered to be proceeds of crime.

However, Musonda refuted these allegations, stating that she does not possess any properties obtained through criminal means. Last month, she denied accusations of owning a $180,000 property in Lusaka’s Kingsland City, asserting that the property still belongs to the seller due to financial constraints preventing the completion of the transaction.

Musonda further clarified that the funds she intended to use for the purchase of the Kingsland City property are not derived from criminal activities.

The case against Musonda revolves around allegations of her possession of properties considered to be proceeds of crime, with the ACC actively pursuing forfeiture proceedingsn

In September 2021 Police in Lusaka recovered K65, 330, 000 suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained from a house in Lusaka’s new Kasama area belonging to Faith Musonda
The police said during the search, they discovered 30 travelling bags containing Zambian Kwacha notes.

A further search was conducted and the team discovered a safe containing USD57,350 which was later seized and handed over to Bank of Zambia for safe keeping and further investigations.

In October 2021, the Anti-Corruption Commission announced that the Joint Investigative Team from the Anti-Corruption Commission, Zambia Police Service, Drug Enforcement Commission and Financial Intelligence Centre had since concluded investigations involving Margaret Chisela Musonda, alias Faith Musonda in which she was found in possession of ZMW 65, 333, 046 and US$ 57, 900 which was discovered in a house in New Kasama.

In a statement to the media, ACC said that the commission would not institute criminal proceedings against Ms. Musonda because Ms. Musonda made a full disclosure of the monies in question and willingly surrendered the same to the State.

According to the statement Ms Musonda was charged with Possession of Property Reasonably Suspected to be Proceeds of Crime contrary to Section 71 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crimes Act No.19 of 2010.

The State had also taken possession of the House in New Kasama, in which the money was found. The House, property Subdivision No.4 of Subdivision B of Lot 11279/M, valued at K 6 Million was owned by OCK Investments Limited, a company in which Ms. Musonda is a majority shareholder. The property was reasonably suspected to have been proceeds of crime.

The ACC said it took advantage of using the amnesty in cases of asset recovery in that it saves on time by eliminating the prosecution process which can be lengthy, leading to assets losing value or getting damaged, and it also saves on the cost of investigation and prosecution.

The new developments in this case highlight the ongoing legal battle between Musonda and the ACC, underscoring the complexities surrounding allegations of financial impropriety.

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