Ethiopian Army Drone Reportedly Kills Dozens, Witnesses Say

According to witnesses and hospital sources, an Ethiopian army drone strike has killed dozens in the Amhara region.

The attack reportedly occurred on Monday near a small town called Sasit in the central part of the country while a truck was dropping off passengers .

The Ethiopian army has been engaged in combat with a local militant group called Fano since April last year.

Residents told BBC that up to 30 civilians, including 16 members of a single family who were returning from a baby’s baptism, lost their lives in the attack.

A medical practitioner confirmed that 18 people sustained serious injuries and three of them died upon arrival at a medical facility.

The conflict erupted when authorities decided to dissolve an ethnic-based paramilitary group and integrate its members into other regional and national security forces.

The government has not responded to reports of Monday’s attack.

The Amhara region has been under a state of emergency since August of last year.

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