ELON MUSK wife left him.BILL GATE wife left him.Jeff Bezoz wife left him.Now I want you to remind me, does money truly keep women or buy a woman’s love and loyalty??

ELON MUSK wife left him.

BILL GATE wife left him.

Jeff Bezoz wife left him.

Now I want you to remind me, does money truly keep women or buy a woman’s love and loyalty??

Those guys up there are the richest men on earth whose money couldn’t keep a woman, buy her love and loyalty with trillions of dollars, now tell me what chance do you have to buy a woman love, loyalty and keep her for yourself?

This should tell you, it takes more than money to keep a woman to yourself and what it takes is nothing but to stop trying to think you can do anything to buy a woman loyalty, keep her and make her love you.

Stop trying too hard to keep her, stop forcing her to not let go, stop doing everything within your power all in an attempt to cage her all for yourself.

YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES which would have been more useful to you if you had channel it to something important.

Women don’t need your money to love you, they don’t need your trying so hard to stay loyal and submissive to you, they don’t need all those romantic rubbish for them to choose you, all they need is for their FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS to be with you.

When this things happen to them, they become helplessly in love with you as long as it still last.

The truth is this thing comes naturally, it’s not something you try to force, buy or manipulate, you let them fall for you sheepishly and this only happen when you have a strong Charisma and attitude as a man.

We will talk more on this but for now, think ruminate on this.

Let this give you wisdom.

Stay Putinized.

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