Edgar Lungu mocks Luanshya residents over bees


The following statement from Edgar Lungu demonstrates a lack of maturity unbecoming of someone who has held the prestigious office of a former president.

The post’s tone reveals much about its author: it is unserious, vindictive, disrespectful, and unreliable.

It is a relief that the incident did not result in a stampede or any fatalities. Making light of what could have been a tragic event is wholly inappropriate.

The disturbance of bees from their natural habitat was caused by the noise from the dancing and singing of thousands of Luanshya residents at Mpatamatu Stadium, gathered to celebrate the reopening of the Luanshya Mines. This event promises them job and business opportunities.

In fact, the presence of bees in a stadium, which once thrived as a youth facility, directly indicts Lungu’s administration for its failure to revitalize Luanshya, despite prior promises. Abandoned football stadiums have been left to the elements, becoming refuges for bees and rats alike. Today, Lungu’s mockery of Luanshya’s residents, as they celebrate the revival of an abandoned mine and town, is in poor taste. Lungu should reflect on this situation more thoughtfully.





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