Demand Letter to Chiti Mukulu

Demand Letter to Chiti Mukulu

22nd April, 2024

Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II
Paramount Chief of the Bemba Kingdom
Kwisano Palace

Dear Sir,

We write on behalf of the Ngonis and Easterners in general. Kindly note our interest in the matter herein and we address you hereunder as such.

It has come to our attention that you unilaterally announced a new chimbuyaship with the Lozi speaking people of Western Province over the weekend when you attended the Kuomboka ceremony. Your unguided statement by implication means that you have also terminated the Chimbuya Contract with the Easterners without giving any notice whatsoever. This Contract is cast in stone and was consummated by your forefathers long before Zambia was born. Your action therefore is against the law, custom and traditional norms established since time immemorial by our forefathers. In short, this Contract cannot be terminated by either party for whatever reasons. Simply put, we are stuck together forever!

We have been asked to demand, which we hereby do, for you to rescind your decision within 48 hours. Should you fail to do so, we shall commence legal action against you at Mutenguleni Court (Chichele Tree) in Chipata, which Court has jurisdiction over you and all Bembas.

Kindly do the needful to avoid unnecessary legal costs and embarrassment as you will be required to stand in the dock. Further, take note that Bemba lawyers have no audience at this prestigious Mutenguleni Court of Justice.

By copy of this letter, we also warn the Litunga of the Lozi people to be careful when dealing with Bembas aka “masholi”. These people are very unstable and will dump you at any time like they have done to us. They just want to penetrate your Province and steal the cattle, cashew nuts and tasty fish, which they depleted in their land due to fishing with mosquito nets. They will also leave children there without child support like is the case in Chipata except for the Kaponya language on the streets.

Yours faithfully,

HRH Dickson Jere
Prince of the Ngoni people and conqueror of the Bembas.
Chimpinga and Tondweni Homesteads
Fort Jameson

Cc: The Litunga and all Lozis

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