Degree programs will now take three years to complete under the new education curriculum

NEW CURRICULA TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN A PHASED MANNER….and will take four years to finish the cycle

This morning, Education Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Joel Kamoko featured on ZNBC ‘s TV2 Morning Live programme.

Below are the highlights:

✅ The Permanent Secretary said the approved 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum will be implemented in a phased manner and will take four years to finish the cycle in accordance with international standards of changing curricula.

✅ The 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum has accommodated “A” Levels in other education pathways such as Social Sciences, Business, Finance, Performing and Creative Arts, an addition to the current practice where “A” Levels are only offered in Natural Sciences.

✅ Key changes to the Education Curriculum as being that the education system has been restructured from a 4-7-5-4 to 3-6-6-3.

✅ In this regard, Early Childhood Education duration has been reduced from 4 to 3 years and Primary Education duration has also been reduced from 7 to 6 years.

✅ The introduction of Advanced Level (A levels) Education has lengthened the duration of secondary education from 5 to 6 years.

✅ The revised curriculum has shortened degree course duration from four to three years.

✅ The eligibility age for Grade 1 has been reduced from 7 to 6 years.

✅ The new curriculum has also changed the Language of Instruction from the officially recognised seven (7) local languages to English for all the education levels, while encouraging code switching in foundation learning.

✅ The new curriculum has also Introduced “Forms” to replace “Grades” at Secondary school level, automatic progression from Form 1 to form 4 has been abolished.

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