Deflated Kasanda appears in court on aggravated robbery charge

Deflated Kasanda appears in court on aggravated robbery charge

AFTER several weeks of being held in detention on a charge of aggravated robbery, gold dealer Shadreck Kasanda was yesterday presented before Court for explanation of the charge.


The businessman has been faced with legal trouble in the aftermath of the gold scandal at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport which occurred last August.

Yesterday, Kasanda with defeat written all over him was arraigned before the Lusaka Magistrates Court on accusations of having robbed his gold client whilst armed Contrary to Section 294 (2) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Zambian Laws.

It is alleged that Kasanda on August 13, 2023 whilst armed with a pistol, stole US$5,000,000.00 from Egyptian Micheal Adel Michel Botros and immediately after stealing, used or threatened to use actual violence against the Egyptian national in order prevent him from retaining the stolen money.

Kasanda had the charge explained to him by magistrate George Njobvu.

Prosecutor Micheal Nundwe indicated that the accused should be brought to court next week Monday for mention as the DPP had not yet issued a certificate of committal to the High Court for summary trial.

Kasanda’s lawyer Nkhula Botha said if the committal certificate will not be ready at the next sitting, he will make an application for a preliminary inquiry so that the Court can determine the elements of the offense.

His other lawyer Clement Andeleki who is UPND Katombora member of parliament said the prolonged detention of his client was an extra judicial mechanism to deprive Kasanda of his right to a fair trial as enshrined in Article 18 of the Constitution.

“As at today, he has been in detention for seven months without committal. We thought we could alert the court on the next course or action,” said Andeleki.

Magistrate Njobvu adjourned the case to March 18.

By Mwaka Ndawa


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