Deal With The Booing, I’m Innocent, Emmanuel Mwamba Tells State House Media


PF Chairman for Information and Publicity Emmanuel Mwamba has rubbished the story circulating that he paid Junkies to boo President Hakainde Hichilema at Heroes Stadium on Saturday.

Mwamba in a statement below availed to Zambian Eye alleges that the story was circulates by the media team at State House to incite arrests and cause injustice on him an innocent person.

I have seen a false statement furiously being circulated by State House media team alleging that I paid youths to boo President Hakainde Hichilema at Heroes Stadium.

I would not have bothered about such falsehoods if it was not being circulated by State House Media team.

Firstly, this totally false as I was busy the whole day with my recordings.

Secondly I deal with words. I deal with the media. That is my specialty. My work is intellectual.

It’s without dispute that I spend time to research, write and record my programs. That’s where my strengths are.

I have bothered to respond to this falsehood reported by a desperate State House media team, past evidence as shown that they look for excuses for their phenomenon failures and cause untold harassment to innocent people.

They incite arrests and cause injustice on innocent people.

Deal with the booing.

Deal with the serious issues and crisis affecting this country than focus on trivialities, falsehoods and scapegoats. President Hichilema has work to do. He must help focus his team on the mammoth task ahead of this country.

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

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