Chilufya Tayali On Interpol Wanted List

Another bench warrant for fugitive Tayali

COURT authorities were yesterday tasked to find and bring in Facebook political influencer Chilufya Tayali who recently emulated his notorious former traditional cousin Kaizer Zulu in running away from answering for their alleged crimes.


Tayali and his sureties Francis Kapyanga who is PF Mpika Constituency member of parliament and his Nakonde counterpart Lukas Simumba were not before yesterday neither did they give the court a reason for their absence.

Despite having informed principal resident magistrate Sylvia Munyinya that Tayali was in Zimbabwe and efforts to present him before Court would be made at yesterday’s sitting, Kapyanga and Simumba could not honor their word as they too absconded from Court.

Lawyer Joseph Chirwa had equally ditched Tayali and indicated that all court documents and correspondence in the case be personally served on the self exiled politician at his Roma home.

Following the hic up in the case, the State was left with no option but to request magistrate Munyinya to issue a warrant of arrest against Tayali.

Magistrate Munyinya granted the application to have Tayali taken in custody. She also summoned the two parliamentarians who signed for his temporal release.

The warrant of arrest is returnable tomorrow, Wednesday April 24, 2024.

In this case Tayali is charged with harassment by utilizing means of electronic communication for accusing the traditional leader of having Knowledge about who instigated terrorism activities of gassing homes and schools that hit the country in the early months of 2020.

On November 10, 2022 Tayali with intent to harass and cause emotional distress to Chief Mukuni Munokalya Siloka by use of computer system went live on his Facebook and alleged
that: “People talk about gassing, gassing; Ba HAKAINDE HICHILEMA you know about gassing; do you hear HAKAINDE HICHILEMA talk about some of these sabotages which were going on? Traditional leaders were involved in those things; I know persons here and there; ask Chief Mukuni you know better; Chief Mukuni was not sleeping; he was sleeping at Golden Peacock; that is where he was staying and things were happening all over the country; while you were inside. What I have told you today is the truth and you can arrest me for it; Chief Mukuni knows even what I am talking about.”

And in another matter before magistrate Mbuywana Simvula were Tayali has been issued a bench warrant in a case he is charged with hate speech over his “Bembas are useful idiots” remarks, the court heard that efforts were being made with interpo , to place him on red alert.

Mulife Liswaniso who is the dealing officer of the case requested for more time as he was still combing through the neighboring country as he awaits feedback from Interpol Head office in France to have Tayali placed on the red alert notice.

Magistrate Simvula adjourned the case to May 29 for return of bench warrant……/another-bench-warrant-for…/

By Mwaka Nadawa


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