I paid dowry to Charlene’s mother but I am still praying for Kalaba – Boyd

FORMER Kabwe Warriors player Boyd Mukandawire says the late Charlene Mumba was his wife even at the time of her death and and that he is praying for wellbeing of Rainford Kalaba.

Charlene Mumba died in a road traffic accident last Saturday and was buried in Lusaka yesterday.

Charlene died on the spot of the mishap in Kafue after the Mercedes Benz she was driving collided with a truck head-on.

Chipolopolo star Rainford Kalaba who is owner of the Benz and was on board at the time of the accident was critically injured and has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital since.

After burial yesterday, a Charlene’s sister Jennifer Lwanga said Boyd had never married been married tonher younger sibling.

“My sister Charlene had never been married to Boyd, no dowry was ever paid to the family although she had two sons with him. That’s why you never heard that she was married in her life history because truly my sister Charlene was never married to Boyd Mkandawire,” Lwanga explained.

“So unlike the false social media rumours, my sister was neither married nor divorced with Boyd. Yes they fell in love at some point and even had kids, but they were never married not even traditionally,” added Lwanga.

But in an interview this morning, Boyd said he was shocked that Charlene’s family could say there was no marriage when he had even paid dowry.

Boyd said he married Charlene in 2014 and had been charged K20,000 as dowry out of which he paid a down payment of K12,000.

“She was my wife. We got married in 2014 when she was still learning at Arakan School in G12, I just paid dowry to her mother and we started staying together,” said Boyd.

“We never separated with my wife, the reason she went to say that side in Chilenje was because it was near the hotel she was working, we thought that in Emmasdel, we would only be wasting a lot of money and she carried our eldest son Boyd because it could be easier to prepare him for school,” Body told kalemba.

The 27-year old explained that at no point did he divorce Charlene or send her packing from their matrimonial home.

He told Kalemba that while Charlene was at her mother’s place, he communicated with her regularly as husband and wife and nothing seemed wrong.

Boyd said he had no idea that Charlene was having an affair with Kalaba whom he regarded as his elder brother until the day of the accident.

He revealed that her death came as double shock to him as he also came to discover that she was also cheating on him with a man he regarded as a mentor and elder brother.

“I regarded Kalaba as my elder brother, I don’t feel myself right now, I can’t lie to you because leaving my children orphaned like that, who is going to be taking care of them now. My wife is no more and I blame both of them but I will continue to regard Kalaba as my Elder brother… So as for now I cant say he is not my elder brother despite the situation and I wish him a quick recovery, in fact am praying he gets well soon.

“I Just got shocked after finding out I cant lie, you just don’t know how I was feeling, I fainted three times at home,” Boyd revealed.

On his absence from the Charlene’s funeral, Boyd explained that his family had advised him to stay away.

“When the funeral just happened, I went and I was at the funeral house for two days but I was not treated well and then I also discovered all those Tiktok videos of my wife so my family asked me to stay away, he said.

Boyd said after burial yesterday, he paid the remainder of K8,000 for Charlene’s dowry.

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