Chaos Erupts as Thousands of Zambians Defy Police to Protest Crippling Power Outages

Chaos Erupts as Thousands of Zambians Defy Police to Protest Crippling Power Outages

The streets surrounding the headquarters of the state-owned power utility, ZESCO, are tense and volatile as thousands of angry Zambians are planning to converge to protest the country’s ongoing power crisis. Despite a heavy police presence and an earlier refusal to grant permission for the demonstration, the determined crowd, estimated to number over 2,000, has refused to back down.

For nearly three months, Zambia has been grappling with extended power outages, with some residents reporting having access to electricity for only 5-6 hours per day, typically from around 10 PM to 5 AM. The debilitating load shedding, often exceeding 12 hours daily, has crippled businesses, disrupted daily life, and pushed the patience of the Zambian people to the breaking point.

Undeterred by ZESCO’s offer to take protesters on a tour of the Kariba Dam, the demonstrators, led by youth activists Nawa Sitali and Rizicky Fatacki, vowed to continue their protest until their demands for tangible solutions were met. The activists had made it clear that they were no longer interested in engaging in dialogue with the power company, choosing instead to take their grievances directly to the streets.

Police presence has already been spotted at the utility company to prevent any potential unrest.
Protesters have claimed to only want to engage in a peaceful demonstration carrying placards but their request has been met with a NO!!

We will be monitoring the situation.

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10th July, 2024.

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