OCIDA Statement on the Opposition Alliance and the Government’s Response

Our Civic Duty Association (OCIDA) has noted the formation of a coalition of several opposition parties named the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA).

As Minister of Local Government Hon. Gary Nkombo recently stated, the country is experiencing social-economic challenges that cut across party affiliation, social dentities or geographical boundaries.

These cross-cutting national issues include the need to find secure and meaningful jobs, find safe-drinking water, find affordable work, shelter or.find money to pay rent, find money respect our democratic freedoms, and find correct medicines in the hospitals.

In the same vein, OCIDA would also like to praise the Government represented by the Minister of Information Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, for pledging that they will not obstruct the registration of the United Kwacha

This is a welcome departure from the conduct of past governments and a significant turn towards deepening the promotion of a mature political culture that recognises the important role that opposition parties and mass movements play in a constitutional multiparty democracy.

We encourage the government to go beyond this commitment by meeting regularly with leaders of the UKA to discuss issues of common or national interest.

It is time for the statesperson in our politicians -be they in Government or in the opposition to come to the fore, to rise above narrow party interests, and confront the national issues that are affecting everybody, irrespective of which party they belong tợ.

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