….as he castigates the ruling UPND over their lies

Lusaka… Friday, March 22, 2024

Leader of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) Zambia Dr Fred M’membe has assured Zambians that whether the ruling UPND likes it or not, they will be voted out come 2026.

Dr M’membe observed that there are so many evil people who prey on people’s ignorance, as well as the inability to read and write.

He said during the graduation ceremony of over 350 learners under the Fred M’membe Literacy and Agroecology Campaign which was held at Chris Mall Lodges in Lusaka, Thursday, that he was thrilled seeing the eradication of illiteracy in the country.

“For the first time I have been to a room in this country, to a hall in this country where everyone can read and write. This is a liberated zone today. Liberated from illiteracy and ignorance. The joy comes from having over 300 predominantly being women from the bondage of illiteracy. It is not a small thing. Imagine for a second, that you are not able to read and write. Imagine how your world will be today,” he said.

“How would you proceed with this life? I can even say you are not able to speak English, because English dominates today. All your prescriptions for medicines are in English… What you don’t want for yourself you will never want for another person.”

The opposition leader said he believed that the highest level of political thought was reached when some people came to a realization that the knowledge of each individual, of each group of people should reach all others.

“The experience you have, the things you have learnt, should reach other people. No human being should be a wolf to other human beings. This is the essence of socialism.,” he said.

“There are so many evil people who prey on your ignorance, who prey on your inability to read and write. They can lie to people who can read and write, what more to people who can’t read and write? When you cannot vote for yourself they have to vote for you. This work must continue. you cannot talk about liberation without wiping out illiteracy. We still have a huge population which cannot read and write.”

He said 10 years of the SP in power, illiteracy, hunger, being cheated to, being lied to must disappear.

“Comrades, we have a lot of work to do and no time to lose. We have people in government today who have lost the legitimacy to govern but still want to govern. When people fail the resort to repression. Only them want to assemble. And when they assemble its lies and repression of their political opponent,” he said.

“Where there is repression there is always resistance. When you resort to repression, expert heavy resistance. Gloria, alefwawya or talefwaya aleya.”

Lessons taught in the Fred M’membe Literacy and Agroecology Programme include agroecology-cooperativism, family and housing without domestic violence, food and nutrition, diseases transmitted by vectors and solid waste.

Other topics include citizenship, government and national symbols, culture, family and work values including the comprehension of education as a human right.

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