AIPAC Condemns Zambia Police’s Suppression of Opposition Rallies

AIPAC Condemns Zambia Police’s Suppression of Opposition Rallies

Lusaka, Zambia – Acton Institute for policy analysis Centre-(AIPAC) strongly condemns the Zambia Police’s recent behavior of denying opposition parties the right to hold rallies. This action is not only an affront to Zambia’s democracy but also an insult to the veterans of the 1991 movement who fought against the UNIP one-party state.

AIPAC believes that the police’s actions undermine the fundamental rights of citizens to assemble, associate, and express themselves freely. It is unacceptable that the police continue to frustrate opposition parties’ efforts to engage with their supporters and the general public.

We urge the government to respect the constitution and allow opposition parties to exercise their democratic rights without interference. The suppression of opposition voices is a dangerous precedent that threatens the very fabric of Zambia’s democracy.

AIPAC stands in solidarity with opposition parties and demands that the government upholds democratic principles and respects human rights.

Solomon Ngoma
AIPAC Executive Director

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