By KBN TV Staff Reporter

Eight political parties, among them, the Patriotic Front and Citizens First, have come together in a long-anticipated alliance that shares a common goal to moot a plan that responds to numerous citizen’s concerns.

In a joint statement released today at the New Heritage Party Secretariat and read by United Liberation Party President Sakwiba Sikota, the Alliance said it was abundantly clear that the country faces challenges that require an immediate alternative plan.

A myriad reason cited for their emergency national rescue plan includes shrinking democratic space, corruption, gagging of citizens, chaotic management of the health sector which has led to the disruption of supply chains for medical supplies, breakdown of life-saving medical equipment and failure to manage the cholera outbreak since October last year.

Other matters of great concern to the alliance are the unprecedented rise in the cost of living that is well beyond the reach of ordinary Zambians, a high cost of fuel, foreign exchange that is in freefall and now at an all-time high, shortage of mealie meal creating a hunger situation and high prices and breaking the law to import Genetically Modified Foods.

The alliance says the mining sector has not been spared from the alleged chaos leading to reduced taxes payable by these mining houses with the net effect of reduced income to the Government while Zambians, who earn very little were being highly taxed to sustain a struggling economy.

“It is very clear to us that no one Political Party, no one messianic individual, no matter how well-endowed, educationally, financially and otherwise, can sincerely purport to resolve the magnitude of problems that we have just outlined. It would be self-deception, delusional and down-right dishonest.”

“Therefore, the leaders gathered here have therefore resolved to come together and join hands in a political alliance in order to save Zambia through unity of purpose and a pragmatic national redemption action program involving all Zambians.”

The alliance has appealed to other Political Parties, the Church, Traditional Leaders, NGOs, Students in institutions of Higher learning, researchers, Academics and all Zambians of like mind in and out of the country, to rally this national rescue plan.

The alliance has been formed by Citizens First represented by Harry Kalaba, Forum for Democracy and Development represented by Edith Nawakwi, Golden Party of Zambia represented by Jackson Silavwe, National Democratic Congress represented by Saboi Imboela, New Heritage Party represented by Chishala Kateka, Patriotic Front represented by former Head of State, Edgar Chagwa Lungu and United Liberation Party represented by lawyer, Sakwiba Sikota.

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