Ronaldo has no future in the Portuguese team- Mourinho

With Portugal’s early elimination from the European Cup, “madman” Mourinho is suspected of criticizing Ronaldo. In an interview, Mourinho bluntly said that Ronaldo has no future in the Portuguese team.

In this European Cup, the 39-year-old Ronaldo is a bit overwhelmed. The legendary superstar started all 5 games. He tried 23 shots in total, but scored 0 goals. Many fans called on Ronaldo to withdraw from the national team and give his position to young people.

However, Ronaldo does not seem to want to leave. He posted a message the day before yesterday saying that he wanted more, and ESPN believed that this was a sign that Ronaldo intended to keep playing. Previously, Spanish media revealed that Ronaldo wanted to retire after participating in the 2026 World Cup.

Regarding this matter, Mourinho expressed his opinion today, and he bluntly said that Ronaldo should leave. “This is a young team. In addition to the two veterans, Ronaldo and Pepe, this team still has a long way to go. The World Cup is just around the corner.”

Obviously, Mourinho thinks that neither Ronaldo nor Pepe should play in the 2026 World Cup.

Mourinho also criticized Portugal’s overall performance: “This team has unlimited potential. When you have high expectations, you will feel more frustrated. I once said that Portugal, France and England are the favorites to win the championship. Two of the three teams have reached the semi-finals, and only Portugal has not done it.”

“Portugal’s performance is not good, although they have also reached the quarterfinals. We are eager for more. I watched the match between Portugal and Croatia on site, and the team did not play well. Throughout the tournament, our performance was not convincing.”

Mourinho regretted the downturn of Ronaldo and others. “Before, every time at a critical moment, this team would become very strong (but not this time).” Ronaldo, who is about to turn 40, has lost his superpower to turn the tide in the past.

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