Nsenga chief willing to stay up all night for updates on missing Petauke MP

Nsenga chief willing to stay up all night for updates on missing Petauke MP

CHIEF Mumbi of the Nsenga people of Petauke has voiced grave concerns over the sudden disappearance of Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda, the Petauke Member of Parliament.

Banda’s vehicle was discovered abandoned and still running early this morning, at around 03:00 hours, with its windscreen shattered, raising alarms about his safety.

In a statement, Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the vehicle, a white Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number BAX 3974ZM, was discovered by a concerned member of the public at 03:30 hours, parked 2.6 kilometers from the Twin Palm Police Station.

“Inside the vehicle, officers found two phones and a written note stating, ‘Dear Zambians am very sorry please forgive me and stay blessed Hon Jay Banda MP,” said Hamoonga.

In an emotional statement, Chief Mumbi expressed his readiness to stay up all night, anxiously awaiting any news or updates regarding Banda’s whereabouts.

“We will stay up all night waiting to get whatever news that will be availed to us,” Chief Mumbi added, reflecting the collective anxiety and hope of the people of Petauke

The traditional leader’s distress highlights the gravity of the situation and the impact it has had on the local community.

“This has greatly impacted the people of Petauke, and we want to know what is happening,” said Chief Mumbi. He emphasised his constant communication with the police, seeking any latest news on the investigations.

“My sincere appeal on behalf of the Nsenga people of Petauke is for concerted efforts to be made so that we get to know exactly the whereabouts of our son Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda.”

The police investigation continues, and the community remains on edge, hoping for the safe return of their representative.

By Elesani Phiri


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