Inspector General Of Police Lemmy Kajoba Fired For Exposing Christopher Mundia’s Corruption


Four other Permanent Secretaries replaced.

While on an anti-smuggling mission in Kasumbalesa, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba has learnt of his dismissal.

Recently Kajoba exposed the Special Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs, Christopher Mundia for stopping a corruption investigation that cincerned him.

This is the background


While you may still be wondering and scratching your heads about what we revealed last time concerning what’s going on at State House, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba has spilled more beans.

He has revealed how legal advisor to the President Christopher Mundia instructed that investigations into misappropriation of $15.5 million out of what was paid for the Ghanaian Former Expatriate Teachers Coordinating Committee should be suspended.

In the previous articles, Mundia was referred to as the new Kaizar Zulu at State House, and this, without a doubt, is the current state of affairs. We will get to this later, but for now, let’s focus on what the IG has revealed in a report of April 2022 written to PS Internal Security at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In that report, whose details have been published by News Diggers today, the IG is detailing how payments were made to Zambians who were not beneficiaries of the money disbursed in 2021.

And Mundia himself, through his law firm, benefitted from this money to the tune of K1.5 million and therefore is a suspect in the investigations.

Would it shock you now to see him being mentioned in the report by the IG that he instructed that the investigations be suspended? You have the answer!

This is the exact behavior we saw at State House during former president Edgar Lungu where the likes of Kaizar abused their offices for their own benefit. And we’re now seeing this same behaviour under President Hakainde Hichilema where, sadly, it is his legal advisor at the forefront of some questionable behavior.

On this issue of the Ghanaian teachers, he lied that the President had sent him.

Such behavior brings to question counsel’s integrity, which is at the core of law practice and must be strictly adhered to by every legal practitioner. Lying is nowhere near what is expected of legal practitioners and anyone who exhibits such behavior must be subjected to the strict professional ethics enshrined in the Legal Practitioners Rules.

Today, he is denying what is contained in the IG’s report. Would be accept, anyway? Why would the IG lie in such a professional document he authored detailing the issues around the Ghanaian expat teachers payments?

We know Kajoba is highly professional.

President HH made a good choice for IG and he must be commended on that.

In him you find a man who values truth telling. He won’t sweep anything under the carpet, he’s a voice of reason.

But his efforts, and those of President HH, are being derailed by the new Kaizars of the UPND government who are undoing the correct things being done for the benefit of all Zambians.

The earlier such persons are taken out of the system, the better. The Kaizars of now will work to bring down every good effort of those in top leadership. Zambians lose trust whenever ill behavior of officers of the State is

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