By Nchimunya Ng’andu

It’s a common phenomenon for football teams to play mind games against their opponents even before a ball is kicked more especially on the African continent.

This psychologically helps throw off the opponent and gives an advantage to the other team.

These mind games are in different ways, from pouring water on opposition goal post to sometimes urinating from the opposition side.

Last season a coach from Kabwe Warriors was suspended for urinating on a goal post before their game against Prison Leopards.

However locking an opponent outside the stadium with just slightly over an hour before kickoff is a psychological display that seem to be taking centre stage in modern football.

After traveling over 370 kilometers from Lusaka to Kalulushi, Kafue Celtics the victims of mind games, welcomed with a closed entrance to the football venue for their match against Chambishi FC.

” My problem with this is people seem to be okay with this type of behavior. We’re playing in the Zambian Premier League. The highest level in the country. Where’s the professionalism? How are we going to be as great as the international leagues if this is what we do. In South Africa would you see Kaizer Chiefs lock out Orlando Pirates as a way of getting in their heads? Happens week in, week out. ” PR and Marketing Manager, Upalo Siwale stated.

The MTN Super league is among the the top seven leagues on the African continent.

The question that begs answers is when such will be nipped in the bud before it is extended to international opponents when Zambians are known for great hospitality.

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