Please God Receive 1 To Save Many This Incoming General Elections – Makayi


By Edward Roy Makayi(UPND Cadre)

I was taught at driving school that when you are in motion carrying 10 people it’s better to hit one than endangering 10. I have received reports of Home Affairs Minister Hon Steven Kampyongo being positive of covid 19 this is foolish lie meant to fool the public especially the opposition not campaign.

If Hon Kampyongo is really sick of covid 19 I hereby pray for his quick death so that many souls can be saved come August 2021 as this man as the minister we are likely to lose many because that’s his desire to kill many opposition members it’s better that he himself dies.

If you live by the sword one day you shall die from it. Under Kampyongo’s rule in charge of the police opposition life doesn’t matter. I hereby maintain that the next time as UPND we dare lose a life from the hands of the police shootings Kampyongo must be in wheelchair especially that covid 19 has grounded him though I know it’s a lie he’s not sick it’s a hoax meant to prevent and intimidate the opposition from traversing the country.

Others are going to call me merciless. Yes I am merciless to Kampyongo especially because we have lost so many precious lives under his watch over the police who would have contributed greatly to this country and the little fire extinguisher man doesn’t care about anything. A lot of police killings can not go on like it’s normal elo speaking on my own behalf it will be war any member of my family to die at the hands of the excited police.

To avoid all this 2021 general elections Corona virus if it’s true it’s there let it save us from certain leaders like Kampyongo they need to die since them are determined to see many souls die at their rule. But since it’s a fake covid 19 one very soon you will hear ati he has recovered.

R.I.P in advance Hon Kampyongo I suggest you start confessing and praying to God to recieve your soul in peace maybe I will forgive you. Start apologizing for the gassings, $42 million firetenders, 48 houses, Mapenzi Chibulo death, Vespers Shimunika death, Mukonka malesu, Lawrence Banda, Joseph Kaunda, Prosecutor Nsama Nsama, Gravaso Matapa and many more lives we lost due to having an incompetent Home Affairs Minister.

Leaders protect people they don’t kill so you should be treated as such even if it means covid 19 killing you it will be the greatest news ever. If you had manners benefiting a leader Late Prosecutor Nsama’s kids wouldn’t be orphans today and Joseph Kaunda would be alive today with his family. May you die and burn in hell please. Corona virus am on my knees I need good

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