Notice Of Partial Reopening Of Reptile Park


Following the recent relaxing of certain rules, we are thrilled to announce that Kalimba Reptile Park will be partially reopening to the public starting Friday, 1st May 2020.

As much as we all wish things could go back to normal we must keep ourselves safe. In order to do this here are the measures we will enforce in order to keep you as well as our staff safe during your visit.

1. Our restaurant will remain closed and customers will not be able to order food during your visit. However are welcome to bring your own food and use our complementary braai stands. We also have a variety of meat products including crocodile meat available for purchase in our shop.

2. Opening hours will be from 9:00 to 17:00 every day with NO extended hours on weekends or public holidays.

3. NO MASK! NO ENTRANCE! All customers must wear a mask when entering and whenever they are in the entrance building. You may remove your masks when you are outside and with your group. However if you are on tour or speaking to someone outside your group you must put on your mask.

4. Hand washing stations will be readily available throughout the Reptile Park and we ask that you please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer any time you enter the entrance building.

5. A minimum of 2 meters social distancing must be maintained at all times when in proximity to people outside your group or within the entrance building.

6. Drinks will be available for purchase on a retail basis; meaning there will be no waitresses attending your group.

7. Tables and chairs will be continuously sanitized as well as placed at a socially acceptable distance so we ask that you not move them.

The swimming pools will be open and we remind you to please wear correct swimming attire (swimming shorts, bikinis, bathing suites, swimming costumes, speedos, ect…) when swimming.

Fishing will also be open and we are happy to say that all of our Ponds have been filled and restocked!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and we hope you will make like a tortoise and come out of your shell.

Best wishes,
The Kalimba Team

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