I enhanced this photo to pick discrepancies not so visible to the naked eye.

1. Note that the picture on the NRC is a photoshop paste on top of the card

2. The Voter’s card has a different photo from the boy with features blurred out so that you can’t pick the difference but all visible.


This photo is the work of those who want to put this country on a war path based on lies and must not be trusted with leadership, writes Ephraim Shakafuswa.

Our View: It is extremely worrying that we have people in this country who find fun and pleasure in illegalities to the point of falsifying a security document for propaganda purposes.

This is a matter that police must take seriously and ensure culprits behind it are arrested.
We cannot afford to have on the loose people who will do anything, including illegal things, just to advance their political agendas. That is extremely dangerous!

We now understand why important equipment for the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Department of National Registration is being stolen. Such things were never heard before, but they’re becoming rampant now. And the result is what we’re looking at today – cheap propaganda meant to sway people’s minds. But thankfully, Zambians are very smart people. Those with independent and objective minds can see through these lies and have refused to be part of this.

Remember, we only have one Zambia and it is ourselves who will have to ensure that this Zambia is not set on fire. 

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