…as he calls for the reform of Zambia’s criminal justice system

United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Secretary General for Politics, Patrick Mucheleka has lifted the lid on his recent incarceration at Kasama’s Milima Prison a few weeks ago.

He says he still doesn’t know yet why he and his counterparts (Elias Mubanga and others) were arrested and charged with a non-bailable offense of aggravated robbery during the recent Lukashya by elections.

Speaking when a highly powered Lusaka Province UPND youth delegation paid him a visit at his New Kasama residence this morning, Mucheleka stated that Zambia’s criminal justice system needed reforms as it had led to wasting of human capital due to the high number of youths being imprisoned.

Furthermore, Mr Mucheleka, who accused the PF of having degenerated into a full blown dictatorship, stated that his 1 month stay at Milima Prison had heightened his desire to fight for a safer and fairer Zambia.

He also encouraged the youths to ensure that they went flat out to encourage Zambians to go and register as voters, stating that as the majority in the country’s population, it was incumbent upon them to ensure that the country was rescued from the shackles of tyranny and delinquency had engulfed the country under the PF government.

Mucheleka also revealed that the walking stick that he was usually pictured with during his court appearances whilst he was at Milima Prison, jokingly adding that the majority of the youths who were serving prison sentenses due to drug related offenses revealed that they resorted to drug abuse due to lack of employment in the country.

He said that his one-month-long incarceration had made him ten times stronger.

Leader of the delegation, Anderson Banda, whose the Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson, expressed displeasure at the unjust manner in which the PF arrested and imprisoned Mucheleka, but added that it was gratifying that he (Mucheleka) had finally walked to freedom.

He said that the youths were proud of the leadership that he continued offering to them as deputy SG of the largest political party in the country.

Magdalene Banda, who’s the vice chairperson for Gender under the youth wing, said the youths, who looked to him as a father figure, were relieved to have him out of prison.


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