HH Should Retire, Demands Nalumango And Andrew Banda

OUR UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has demanded for Party Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s immediate resignation from active politics.

Speaking live this evening during a SpingTV media briefing, Nalumango said the UPND was fatigued with what she termed the ‘six-time losing candidate’ who is nolonger adding any value to the party.

Nalumango stated that recent developments in the party and the nation have necessitated her demand if the party is to win elections next year and form Government. These developments she alluded to include continuous losses during bye elections; the dwindling support base of the party; and constant resignations of Councillors citing Hichilema’s tribalistic poor leadership.

Ms. Nalumango charged that Hichilema is impossible to advise and thinks the party is his personal to holder business entity from which he collects millions on a monthly basis from outside donors and MPs alike in form of adoption taxes. There is no way one an can be so greedy, our Members of Parliament deposit K5,000 each on a monthly basis to Mr. Hichilema’s private personal accounts, is that normal?

No single member of our National Management Committee is appraised on how these monies are utilised. South African and American donors contribute millions of dollars periodically, all these monies are never seen. Instead we rely on our personal resources, even for the Lukashya bye-election, Hichilema did not spend a coin but instructed our MP’s to use their own resoiurces to support Big Mule, even the $250,000 paid to buy Big Mule we had to contribute to that.

“No single one individual is bigger than the institution, if we are to move forward into State House, it cannot be with Hichilema. We must act now and act decisively as a party, we have many many more possible leaders that can lead us better. Leadership requires someone who can listen and act on advice. Not Hichilema, he is too proud and arrogant” Nalumango stated in part

Nalumango further stated that Hichilema is very guilty of privatisation corruption and will likely not appear on the 2021 ballot because he may be convicted and thrown in jail.


Speaking at the same briefing, Andrew Banda added that it is very painful to lose an election which is yours to win. Banda recounted how his father, RB, refused to listen to advice just like Mr. Hichilema. Banda stated that the PF’s recent countless resounding victories during elections over the last 2 years alone is evidence enough that UPND is in deep trouble. “My father was losing bye-elections in Northern Province, in North-Western Province, in Copperbelt and in Lusaka. But we all said these are just bye-elections, wait for the big one, we all know what that turned out tobe. If we continue with Hichilema, we are continuing on a worse trajectory than my father. UPND since early last year has lost in Chilanga twice, lost in Kafue, lost in Mangango, lost in Shangombo, lost the Lusaka Mayoral seat, lost in Kasama, lost in Chilubi, lost in Mwansabombwe, lost in Kasenengwa, lost Imusho Ward in Sesheke, lost countless wards in North-Western, if this is not evidence enough that we need new leadership then I don’t know what is.” said Banda

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