HH IS ARROGANT & SELFISH – Milupi complains

HH IS ARROGANT & SELFISH – Milupi complains

“…says insistence by some that ‘if you want to work with me, you must work under me’ won’t work”

Opposition alliance chairperson Charles Milupi has revealed cracks in the alliance, saying they are having difficulties agreeing on the electoral pact due to the insistence by some members that “if you want to work with me, you must work under me.”

Milupi said the resounding loses in the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe by-elections had clearly shown that it was absolutely necessary now for the opposition to concretise their alliance, as well as bringing on board other participants.

Milupi said no opposition party could win elections on their own, hence the need to put aside self in order to find common ground.

“Absolutely, absolutely (it’s a definite that the alliance needs to work), I have stated clearly in the past that there is no single party that will win the elections in 2021, much more so in the opposition, no singe party to win,” Milupi said. “To win we shall need to create a momentum that is created by uniting the country. And for that it needs strengthening the alliance so that more people come in, but also it means that we must come up with a message that resonates with the rest of the population.”

However, Milupi revealed some of the challenges the alliance was facing.

“So far in trying to craft an electoral pact within the alliance we have had difficulties because parties have stuck on to try to show that they are the ones, people must now work under them. That is not going to work, that is not going to work,” Milupi said. “These election results show that it is not going to work. If we continue like this we reduce our chances in 2021. So we need people to really subordinate their interests, their personal interests, their party interests to the interest of the nation.”

On observations that much as the ruling party was engaging in corrupt practices during by-elections and it was almost a given that the same trend would continue into 2021, but they were still winning elections resoundingly in their strongholds as well as chipping into opposition strongholds at the same time, Milupi said the opposition has observed that too.

“Yes we have seen that they have won a number of by-elections at ward level in North Western Province, in Western Province we have seen that. We are seeing that. You see that gives us a message that we must do better as an alliance,” Milupi said. “But if we insist that no, if you want to work with me you must work under me then the chance of strengthening the alliance diminishes and therefore we are just giving these people more opportunity to continue to plunder and destroy the country.”

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