Following the third address of the President to the nation on COVID19 on 24th April, 2020, the Zambia Alliance of Women has taken note with keen interest the Presidential directive to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to ensure Chain Stores Prioritises local agricultural products.

ZAW Executive Director Edah Chimya has since challenged Chain Stores to adhere to this timely directive by working with local farmers in respective provinces.

“Zambia Alliance of Women also thanks the Head of State for once again reminding farmers on the importance of belonging to Cooperatives. Where he advised the farmers to form cooperatives and ensure they meet quality and safety demands,” she said.

“However, as an Organisation that works with women small holder farmers, we continue to demand for Gender Equality and Equity in the leadership of these Farmer Cooperatives as a step towards ensuring women participation in decision making of the nation’s Agricultural sector.”

She indicated that her organization strongly believes this current COVID 19 situation could indeed open a window of opportunity for Zambian farmers to increase productivity through resilience and sell local products to chain stores.

Ms Chimya said the localisation campaign depends entirely on local people supporting the buying of local Zambian products all the time.

“With Agriculture being the backbone of our economy, Zambia Alliance of Women calls for Empowerment of Small Scale Farmers through Access to Productive resources such as Finance and diverse inputs,” said Ms Chimya.

“We remain committed to supporting this Campaign aimed at Producing local, buying local, using local and exporting local products.”

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